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Faced with the current health and economic emergency, and as a leader on the plastics market, it was our duty to find solutions for you. Our new range of products Protectiv™ is THE solution to protect you, your employees and your family members.

Equip yourself with our Protectiv™ range, which is 100% made in France from recyclable material and with minimal lead time: directly from producer to consumer.

Face Masks
Face Masks
Face Shields
Face Shields
Clear protective screens
Clear protective screens
Hands-Free Door Openers
Hands-Free Door Openers

Best Sellers

Face Shield Kit Protectiv™ Light+
From 5 ordered, 10,40€ per unit Excl. tax
Or 12,50€ Incl. tax unit
Clear protective screen Protectiv™ Desk'R
From 2 ordered, 99,60€ per unit Excl. tax
Or 119,52€ Incl. tax unit
Profiled face mask with 100 days of filtration Protectiv™ Profile
From 45,00€ per unit Excl. tax
Or 47,48€ Incl. tax unit


All-in-One Category 1 Face Mask Protectiv™ R Shield
From 65,10€ per unit Excl. tax
Or 68,68€ Incl. tax unit
Hands-Free Door Opener Duo Protectiv™ Door M
From 4 ordered, 17,90€ Excl. tax
Or 21,50€ Incl. tax unit
Cap visor kit for adults and children Protectiv™ Cap
From 17,10€ unit Excl. tax
Or 20,52€ Incl. tax unit

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