Durable Face Mask + 100 Days Filtration Protectiv™ R

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Ultra léger et durable Diffusion naturelle de la voix Imprimé en 3D Biosourcé
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This face mask is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Please refer to the size guide to choose the one that best suits you. We recommend that you take a size M for women and a size L for men. 

Size guide

An innovative mask, certified category 1 filtration

Ultra light, durable and adaptable to the shape of your face, our Protectiv™ R face mask (patent pending) effectively protects you thanks to its category 1 certification*. 

In 100 days, you will have consumed 1 mask instead of 200! 

This non-sanitary respiratory protection covers the mouth, nose and chin, so that no germs or viruses, including COVID-19, can pass through. And yet, your voice is as audible as if you weren’t wearing any mask! 

Adaptable to your morphology

Very resistant while being thin and flexible, it is designed to shape your face for optimal filtration. To finalise its adaptation to your morphology, you can thermoform (60°C) your mask at home! 

Supplied with a flat buttonhole elastic band, you can easily adjust its length according to your preferences. It is therefore very comfortable to wear for several hours, even when you are on the move! 

A 100% eco-based mask

3D printed, this face mask is 100% eco-based and lighter than a textile mask thanks to its composition in Rilsan Polyamide 11. This bioplastic issued from castor oil and suitable for all skin types is manufactured in Normandy, France, by Arkema.

Whatsmore, Protectiv™ R generates very little waste: 160 times less than a disposable surgical mask and 16 times less than a 10 times washable textile mask! 

Endlessly reusable

Place your mask and its filtering cartridge in your dishwasher (min. 60 °C) to reuse it almost endlessly and get rid of any impurities. Once in contact with the open air, they will then dry in just a few minutes. This hygiene procedure must be carried out after each daily use. 

ProtectivTM R  includes 100 days of filters, tested for their high performance (category 1*). It is supplied with 1 filtering cartridge Rosace 42mm , 60 pre-cut filters and washable 10 times, for a use of 100 days (2 uses / day). Be sure to replace these after 4 hours of use. 

You are thus fully protected in the long run, while reducing your costs and personal protection waste. 

Quantity Cost per use (incl. tax)
1 0.19
5 0.18
10 0.17
20 0.16
50 0.15
100 0.14
250 0.13
500 0.13
1000 0.12
2000 0.11

Customisable on request with logo and characters.

Click on the button below to consult the use and care instructions.

* 95% bacterial filtration for aerosols of bacteria of 1 and 3 μm. See report RP / 20-3022 / DGA MNRBC / 2000305 / NP.  

This device is suitable for non-sanitary professional use in contact with the public but is neither a medical device within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2017/745 (surgical masks), nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425 (filter masks type FFP2). 

  • These devices are not PPE certified.
  • For obvious hygiene and safety reasons, these items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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